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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SOLD / Safari bracelet

Leather, copper elements, turquoise nuggets and a big african style lampwork bead. Price: $11.

[Snur din piele, sarma si link din cupru, bobite turcuaz si o margea mare din sticla lucrata la lampa, stil african. Pret: 35 RON.

SOLD / Orange blossom earrings

Earrings made of air dry clay on copper elements. Price: $5.

[Cercei din plastilina cu intarire la aer pe elemente din cupru. Trebuie manipulati cu grija pentru ca sunt fragili. Pret: $15 RON]

Leather bracelet with polymer heart bead

Bracelet made of leather string, copper wire, polymer heart bead, closing with a coconut button. Not for sale:)

Also, please check my Christmas gift from Anca. I love it :)

[Bratara din snur de piele, sarma de cupru, margea din lut polimeric cu inimioara si inchidere cu nasture din nuca de cocos. Nu e de vanzare :)]

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SOLD / Adventurine earrings

Earrings made of adventurine briolettes, czech beads and gold-plated findings. Price: $10.
[Cercei cu briolete din aventurin, margelute din sticla Cehia si elemente placate cu aur. Pret: 30RON.]

Monday, December 20, 2010

SOLD / Pearls earrings

I took some various sizes and shapes cultured pearls from an old necklace and gave them a new life with these earrings. The hooks are gold-plated. Price: $14.

[Perlutele mici si neregulate, cu culori de la alb la vinetiu sunt luate dintr-un colier mai vechi. Toate sunt perle de cultura. Toate elementele sunt aurite. Pret: 40RON. ]

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas gifts exchange with Anca

This is what I gave Anca for our Christmas exchange. They're all polymer beads I made, with the exception of the evil eyes - 2 frosted African lamp work beads from my collection. I can't wait to see these in her creations. 

My present is still in progress, so I don't know what it is yet. :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RESERVED / Amethyst earrings

Earrings made from amethyst briolettes, gold-plated hooks and 14k gold-filled wire. Price: $12.

[Cercei cu briolete din ametist, tortite aurite si sarma 14k gold-filled. Pret: 35RON.]

SOLD / Bell flowers earrings

Earrings made of fimo, silver-plated chain and handmade 925 silver hooks. Price: $7

[Cercei clopotei din fimo, lantisor argintat si tortite handmade din argint925. Pret: 20 RON]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fimo beads project

I am waiting for some leather chord to finish this necklace :)

Green beads & silver earrings

Green earrings with Czech glass beads and 925 silver elements. Price: $8.

[Cercei verzi cu margele din sticla Cehia si elemente din argint 925. Pret: 25RON]

SOLD / Roze quartz apples

Roze quartz apples with Czech leaves and silver-plated kidney hooks. Hooks length: 47mm. Price: $12.

[Mere din cuart roz fatetat cu frunzulite din sticla Cehia, elemente din argint si tortite "kidney" argintate. Lungime tortite: 47mm. Pret: 35RON.]

RESERVED / Chalcedony earrings

Chalcedony briolette earrings on gold-filled elements (ear hooks also handmade)

[Cercei cu briolete din calcedonie pe elemente gold-filled.]

SOLD / Little fimo birds

Little birds earrings on silver-plated elements. Price: $5
[Pasarele din fimo pe elemente argintate. Pret 15RON]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Orange necklace

The pendant idea for this necklace came from my friend Anca. I made it from soft air-dry clay and put it on silver plated elements, closing it with a charming heart shape toggle. Length: 40cm. Price: $10

[Ideea acestui pandantiv ii apartine Ancai. Facut din plastilina cu uscare la aer si elemente argintate. Lantul are 40 cm. Oferta: 20 RON.]

Saturday, December 11, 2010

SOLD / White & turquoise nuggets bracelet

I made this bracelet from turquoise chips, white nuggets and a coconut button, on copper elements. The length is 20cm. Price: $8.

[Bratara din cipsuri turcoaz, pepite albe si nasture din nuca de cocos decorat manual, pe elemente cuprate. Lunginea este de 20cm. Pret: 25RON]

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SOLD / Hedgehog earrings

Hedgehog earrings made of polymer clay on 925 silver elements. The model is found, but I liked it so much I wanted to try it. The ear hooks are also handmade by me. Priced at $7.

[Cercei cu arici facuti din fimo pe elemente din argint 925. Modelul nu este unul original, dar mi-a placut foarte mult si m-am gandit sa-l incerc. :) Tortitele sunt facute tot manual. Pret 20 RON]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas tree decorations

I made these cuties a couple of years ago after a pattern found in a home decorations magazine. Priced at $30/each.

[Globuri cusute dupa un sablon dintr-o revista de profil. Pret 100 RON/buc.]

REZERVED / Little fimo flowers and Czech beads earrings

This is my first try with fimo. Priced at $5.
[Prima data cand am lucrat cu fimo. Pret 15RON]

Monday, December 6, 2010

SOLD / Turquoise, pearls and coconut bracelet

Bracelet made of turquoise nuggets, cultured pearls and coconut button, on copper elements. Priced at $8.

[Bratara din turcoaze, perle de cultura si nasture din nuca de cocos. Pret 25RON.]

Saturday, December 4, 2010

SOLD / Wild berries earrings

Earrings made of soft air-dry clay. Priced at $2.
[Cercei din plastilina care se intareste la aer. Nu trebuie lasati la indemana copiilor mici pentru ca sunt fragili :). Pret 6 RON]

SOLD / Cute little blue flowers earrings

I made these of soft air-dry clay and put them on copper elements. Priced at $3.
[Cercei din plastilina care se intareste la aer si elemente din cupru. Pret 10 RON]

SOLD / Winter sparkle earrings

Earrings made of 925 silver elements and Czech glass beads. Priced at $8.
[Cercei din argint 925 si margele sticla Cehia. Pret 24 RON]

SOLD / Love & honey earrings

Earrings made with 925 silver elements and heart and drop shaped Czech glass beads. Priced at $8.

[Cercei din argint 925 si margele din sticla Cehia. Pret 24 RON]

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