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Monday, December 23, 2013

face lotion for cold weather/loțiune de față pentru sezonul rece

Ingredients: rice oil, seabuckthorn seed and berry oil, purified water, glycerin, soy wax, corn starch, emulsifier, essential oils of neroli and chamomille, xanthan gum, a light preservative (recommended by Ecocert).
[Conține ulei de orez, ulei de cătină, apă purificată, glicerină, ceară de soia, amidon de porumb, emulsifiant vegetal pentru loțiuni lejere, ulei esențial de neroli, ulei esențial de mușețel, gumă xanthan, conservant agreat Ecocert.]


  1. This sounds interesting and looks reach! What is corn starch for? I though it might be a thickener, but you have xanthan gum and soy wax added. Did you add it to reduce greasiness?

    1. Yes, indeed, Maja, it is for a mattifying effect! The lotion is welll received by combination and oily skin.

    2. I like greasiness in my butters, I really don't mind it, but for facial products, I'm totally with you. As my lotion crafing improves, I believe I'll try more and more varieties. (oh god, I just noticed-what happened to my spelling? Of course, it was supposed to be 'rich' in my first comment! I'm getting somehow charmed by your blog Iulia, lol!)

    3. Maja, relax, the spelling problems occur all the times in my texts too, but I never notice them before I publish them, only after... :)


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