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Friday, August 16, 2013

Jade powder soap remake / Săpun cu jad în forme noi

I decided it's time for a change in shape for this miracle soap, so that men too can benefit from it's properties. So now you can enjoy it also in the classic bar soap shape.

[M-am gandit sa fac sapunul cu jad si in forma clasica de calup, pentru ca am observat tot mai des ca si pielea barbatilor are de castigat de pe urma folosirii lui. Asadar, dragii mei, nu am renuntat la inimioare de tot, dar acum aveti si alternativa la ele:)]


  1. Sounds luxury,what is jade powder?

    1. It is actually the jade stone mechanically powdered. It's used as rejuvenating skin treatment in Chinese traditional medicine. The INCI name is nephrite powder.

    2. Really! I could never guess it's a jade stone that I'm aware it exists. Interesting! Can you use it in creams,or is it too harsh for them?

    3. Yes, I use it in face creams also, for its illuminating effect and protection against external factors (wind, cold, pollution)


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